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Affordable 3D modeling System KOMPAS-3D v19

KOMPAS-3D is a Russian 3D design system that has become a standard for thousands of enterprises and tens of thousands of professional users.

The KOMPAS-3D system is widely used for designing products of the main and auxiliary production in such industries as engineering (transport, agricultural, energy, oil and gas, chemical, etc.), instrument making, aircraft building, shipbuilding, machine tool building, car building, metallurgy, industrial – civil engineering, consumer goods, etc.

The KOMPAS-3D system has powerful functions for managing design projects

of thousands of sub-assemblies, parts, and standard library products. It supports all the capabilities of 3D solids and surface modeling that have become the standard among medium-level CAD/CAM programs, including these ones:

  • Bottom-up modeling using finished components.
  • Top-down modeling by designing components to match specific designs.
  • Modeling based on layout drawings, such as kinematic diagrams.
  • Or any combination of these modeling methods.

These approaches allow you to create editable associative models easily.

The KOMPAS-3D system has powerful functions for managing project of thousands of sub-assemblies, parts, and standard library products. It supports all the capabilities of 3D solids and surface modeling that have become the standard among medium-level CAD/CAM programs, including these ones

  • Intuitive creation of new geometry, and importing and manipulation of surfaces.
  • Associative settings for element parameters.
  • Boolean operators for generating atypically shaped elements; functions include union, intersection, and subtraction.
  • Advanced surface and shape modeling for designing complex, ergonomic, and easy to use industrial products; functions include point grids, by network of curves, ruled surfaces, extrusions, lofted surfaces, swept surfaces, and revolutions.
  • Construction of auxiliary lines and planes, and spatial curves, including broken lines, splines, and spirals.
  • Redetermination of the parameters of any element at any design stage causes a reconstruction of the whole model.
  • Effective mold design with pattern drafts, joint lines, cavities defined by part shape, and shrinkage allowance.
  • Capable sheet metal modeling through sheet body creation, bends, holes, louver, fillets, punching (stamping) and cutting, cap closing, sheet metal unwrapping, and associative drawings of unwrapped sheet metal.
  • Inserting standards products into the model from a library, generating user model libraries.
  • Efficient collision detection of parts.
  • Addition of structural elements, such as chamfers, fillets, holes, stiffness elements, and thin-walled shells.
  • Creation of any shape of arrays and assembly components.
  • Component modeling with assemblies, with relative positioning of parts in assemblies.
  • Constraints for mating assembly components, including automatic constraints for faster assembly creation.
  • Special tools to simplify work with large assemblies.
  • Flexible parts and assembly editing, including characteristic points.

Mechanical Engineering Applications of Kompas3D

Equipment: Steel Structures

Equipment: Metallware – an application for KOMPAS-3D, designed to automate the design of structures from profile metal products. The application allows you to quickly design all kinds of frames and frames, automatically create a set of documentation.

Equipment: Piping

quipment: Pipelines – a specialized application of the KOMPAS-3D system, designed for quick design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, various utilities, machine and equipment strapping, automatic creation of a documentation set for the manufacture of pipelines

3D shafts & mechanical gears

Automate the design and construction of three-dimensional models of shafts, bushings and mechanical transmission elements in the KOMPAS-3D environment. Enables fast construction of multistage shafts, including structural elements such as grooves, holes, splines and keyways.

Mechanics: Springs

he application allows you to perform design and verification calculations of compression, tension, torsion springs, as well as Belleville, conical and shaped springs. Based on the calculation results, drawings and 3D models are automatically generated

3D Stamps

The 3D Stamps application is designed to automate design and technological work in the design of stamps for products from sheet material. Allows you to create a set of technical documentation necessary for the release of the stamp.

3D Molds

The Mold 3D application is designed to automate the design and engineering and technological work of designing molds for injection molding of plastic products, and to form a set of technical documentation required for the production of a mold.

Mechanics animation

The application will “revive” the models that you designed in KOMPAS-3D, will help to identify possible collisions of parts and create interactive manuals for assembly and disassembly of products


The APM FEM application is designed to perform express calculations of solid objects in the KOMPAS-3D system, and visualize the results of these calculations.




The application is intended for carrying out in KOMPAS-3D express analysis of the aero-hydrodynamics of the designed product

Universal Express Engine

The application is intended for express analysis of dynamic, kinematic and static systems designed in KOMPAS-3D.

Artisan Rendering for Kompas3D

Photorealistic rendering system for Kompas3D, effectively demonstrate the project to the customer, place the images in catalogs and websites.

CNC Module: Turning / Milling

CNC module. Turning is the first CAM application that is fully integrated into the COMPAS-3D three-dimensional modeling system. The application is designed to automate the development of control programs for CNC lathes (2-axis turning).

Instrumentation Applications of Kompas3D

Equipment: Cables and Harnesses

A specialized application for KOMPAS-3D, designed to automate the process of three-dimensional modeling of electric cables and bundles, as well as to issue design documentation for these products.

ECAD Converter – Kompas

Converter of 3D models of printed circuit boards is a specialized module for obtaining a three-dimensional model of a printed circuit board developed in ECAD systems.

Converter PdiF – Kompas

This is a specialized module for transferring to KOMPAS-Graph drawings of printed circuit assemblies developed in ECAD-systems and saved in PDIF format. The module allows not only to transmit a layered geometric image of the printed circuit board, but also to create a table of contact pads and coordinate rulers on the sides of the board.


Today, hundreds of enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries are successfully designing electrical equipment using the KOMPAS-Electric system. There are two variants of the system: KOMPAS-Electric and KOMPAS-Electric Express.

Kompas – Electric Express

Is intended for users who are engaged in the development of circuit diagrams and lists of elements for them. This option is greatly simplified in relation to KOMPAS-Electric.

Clock Mechanisms

Specialized application module Shafts and 3D mechanical gears, designed for the design of time devices.