[ENCON+PROTA]  TECH talks – 2019 :        NEXT  GENERATION  [Structural]  BIM:  what is it?


Dreamplex Auditorium

195 Dien Bien Phu, Distr. Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Date: 27.09.2019

9:00 am – 12:45 pm



TECH-talk 2019 conference organized by ENCON-Vietnam and PROTA Group to discuss today’s AEC industry challenges and solutions in Vietnam

European and Asian industry leading experts in the application of BIM, AEC technologies, and AEC efficiency boosters within the APAC design and construction sectors will talk in Hochiminh in the breakout areas of the today’s engineering business.

Contemporary world demands fast changes and adaptations to the new requirements and standards. 2D was replaced by 3D CAD systems, later developed into 4-5 BIM solutions to assist and execute main work of the engineering and design studios. In the time-consuming period we all, as specialists, are looking forward to have and learn more efficient technologies to fasten, ease, upgrade and automatize our project production. TECH-talk will open the door to understanding crucial points in success of the AEC business and welcomes engineers and all related to the industry to join the conference. It is a platform to discuss and express opinions together with the leading figures of AEC industries.

The Conference: ‘N.G. [structural] BIM tech: what is it?’ is organized and sponsored by ENCON Vietnam LLC and PROTA Group (PROTA Asia, PROTA Software). Exclusive key-speakers from Europe tends to present game-changing technology that will absolutely change the way of engineering studios we know today. PROTA Asia represents a number of large-scaled projects revealed in APAC region and showcases of unique objects designed, calculated and built globally. The ‘secret ingredient’ of a number of landmarks will be shared to the visitors of the TECH-talk event only. Do not miss witnessing show-case live-challenge to see everything with your own eyes.

LANGUAGE: English / Vietnamese



8:30 am

Registration of guests

9:00 am

Introduction of VIP guests and experts

(Host) Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Khoi, ENCON Vietnam LLC

Also: Start Showcase of real Project design, countdown launch (3 hours time for full engineering design, modeling, analysis from scratch to submission documentation) / MSc. Mustafa Tümer Tan, product manager and IT developer Prota Group, Turkey.

9:15 am

What do you experience today at work, if you are an engineer?                                Bạn có kinh nghiệm gì trong ngày hôm nay tại nơi làm việc, nếu bạn là một kỹ sư?

MSc. Dao Quy Phuoc (Key Speaker) Head of Technical Department BIMlab; others

9:30 am

Equations of successful business operation: the Future demands changes

MArch.Phd.cand. Xenia Panfilova, General Director, R&D at ENCON Vietnam LLC

9:50 am

Expert’s opinion: the path of digital engineering solutions at PAN Partners

Dr. Peyman A.Hejad, founder of PAN Partners, CTBUH board member, USA

10:00 am

Coffee – Snack – Break

10:20 am

Prota Company

Technological developments and expertise in engineering consultancy

Mr. Nigel Watts, managing director PROTA-ASIA, Malaysia

10:40 am

N.G. Prota BIM Development / Ứng dụng Prota trong thực tế. Ví dụ về thiết kế mang tính biểu tượng

Mr. Nigel Watts, managing director PROTA-ASIA, Malaysia

Next Generation Prota BIM development: What is Prota Structure?

11:10 am

Question Section

11:20 am

Prota application in practice. Examples of iconic design /                                                                  Ứng dụng Prota trong thực tế. Ví dụ về thiết kế mang tính biểu tượng

Mr. Low Chun Fei, Services and development director PROTA-Asia, Malaysia

Prota Engineering Co. applying Prota Structure in iconic design projects. What finally changed the game for Structural Engineers designing significant building projects from the airport that will blow many records, Metro lines and -stations and other iconic buildings in the region.

11:50 am

Experts’ and VIP talks. Questions sector

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Khoi, ENCON Vietnam LLC, Host

12:10 pm

Quiz and Prizes among the visitors

12:30 pm

Countdown stops. Show-case live-challenge results

MSc. Mustafa Tümer Tan, product manager and IT developer Prota Group, Turkey

Results from the project Countdown. A midrise building project from model, analysis up to completed drawing production within 3 hours

12:45 pm

Closing Conference. Coffee-break and small-talk

TECH talk is a regular event now and on, hosted by ENCON Vietnam LLC and its partners to let Western and Eastern experts share, discuss and collaborate on stage and provide upgrade techniques in the related industries to the community. Five VIP guests – leaders of the international companies and organizations, a special highly rated remote expert from the USA and 5 key-speakers with the advanced experience behind are welcoming engineers, project managers and BIM specialists.

This time the event is located in 195 Dreamplex HCMC – location known for TED -talk, Shark-tank and industry conferences. The tradition of business and technology oriented events will be continued on 27th of September this year.

LANGUAGES: Vietnamese, English

FREE ENTRANCE. Registration and full program attendance needed to win the prize

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